Event registration by OMR

One Million Revolutions has created one of the most advanced event registration systems in existence. Since its development in 2004 for the Musselman Triathlon, the system has continually improved to meet the needs of event directors. In recent years components have been added to facilitate social and environmental responsibility, including a carpool module (added 2006) and a carbon offset module (2007). In late 2011 the entire system was rebuilt from the ground up.

Your own merchant account

Events can use their own merchant account, meaning registration fees never pass through our hands. Event directors set (and keep) their own processing fees. Each day funds are deposited directly into the event's bank account. And merchants can create additional accounts within their own account - meaning you can administer online registration for other events that do not have their own merchant account.


look & feel An event director retains complete control over the look & feel of the online registration process. The system integrates into your existing website with the same color scheme and your logo greeting users.
bulk uploads Enter data offline (into a spreadsheet) and upload the CSV file directly into the system.
group entries Multiple participants can register at one time, for a single event or more than one event. Group discounts can be created for multiple entries and/or multiple events.
QR codes Confirmation pages can display QR codes, allowing the race director to scan entries at check-in.
social marketing Confirmation pages can show facebook, twitter, and google+ links, and participants can send emails to others informing them of their registration.
relays Relay captains can be given the ability to complete and update fields on their own. Captains can also manage the signing of race waivers for all team members.
carbon offsets Integrated carbon offset module allows participants to purchase carbon credits to offset their transportation to the event. (sample report)
fee structure Event directors can choose to absorb the processing cost or pass it on to registrants. If using your own merchant account, you set (and keep) the processing fee.
gift certificates Participants can purchase gift certificates valid for any event using the registration system, and event directors can create certificates valid for their own events.
discount codes Event directors can create discount codes valid for any participant to use. Limits can be set on how many times a code is valid and for how long.
participant lists As soon as an entry is received, participant lists showing registered athletes are updated. (example)
participant maps All participants are plotted on an interactive Google Map, allowing athletes, media, and sponsors to see where participants are coming from. (example)
carpools The participant map allows athletes to organize carpools with each other, while safeguarding personal contact information.
start waves A simple tool for creating start waves defined by gender, age, or any user-defined criteria. Define the waves yourself, or let the system do it for you.
reports and graphs Reports can be generated showing any data fields required, with any possible search criteria. Real-time graphs display registration trends from month to month as well as geographically.
data downloads Full or customized data downloads into text files suitable for import into Excel or other spreadsheets.
duplicate event Event information can be copied to a new year with a single click.
additional items Bundle additional items for sale into the registration process. For example, add a race hat (with an optional description and image) for athletes to purchase while registering.
fee schedules Create fee schedules which automatically change the price of an event's registration at a specified time on a certain date (for instance, late fees) or once a certain number of entries have been received.